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The complete ceasing of aimless chatter,
The total absence of external noise;
None of creaking crickets nor croaking toads;
None of ceaseless lapping of waves,
Nor rippling of flowing waters;
Nor of the sound of passing wind,
Nor the soft sigh of whispering breeze.
Just a quiet calming of the beating heart,
The slowing of one’s racing thoughts.
The utter surrender of one’s senses to
The dawning awareness of His very presence;
The envelopment of His embracing Oneness,
Cocooned within the warmth of His great love,
“Be still and know that I am God.”
Can you hear the Maker’s whispering voice?
Can you sense His very intimate presence?
Can you “see” the visions He wants to share?
The download He gives into our minds’ eye?
We need to wait in quietness and patience,
Open our hearts and spirits to receive;
All are possible if only we care and dare.
The stillness of one’s own soul;
An absolute sense of quietness and peace:
His peace that surpasses all understanding,
Shabbat shalom, all is serene, tranquil;
From it draw strength, O my soul;
Draw comfort, draw hope, draw joy,
For truly the joy of the Lord is my strength.
(Painting & Poetry by Dr Elaine Chan)
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