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Welcome to Zion Healing Centre. We are an Asian network of healing centres in Southeast Asia nations and East Asia nations. We are a non-denominational Christian mission organisation with the focus on healing and deliverance ministry of Jesus Christ, and the Great Commission - Isaiah 61.

We are independent from Ellel Ministries International. We come under the spiritual cover of Gates of Hope International, Peter Horrobin who was the founder of Ellel Ministries International. We continue to carry the mantle of apostolic authority which God had given to Peter & Fiona Horrobin, and Jill Southern in the ministry of healing and deliverance in the Kingdom of God for the past 37 years.

Our focus is the region of Asia which is the last frontier of world mission to bring the full gospel of Jesus Christ, which is to preach the good news, heal the sick, deliver those who are in bondage, and prepare the Church for the 2nd advent of Jesus Christ’s return to earth.