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Reverend Titus Soo and his wife, Pastor Esther Soo, founded and led Zion Healing Centre and all of Asia for many years. Their distinguished spiritual integrity and vision has enabled them to have a long successful history of serving the Body of Christ.

They are also blessed to have the spiritual covering of Peter and Fiona Horrobin who founded the International Office of Ellel ministries.  However, we all know there is a renewed urgency to strengthen and empower the Body of Christ at an accelerated pace. 

Having known them personally and through mutual leaders in other Nations, I wholeheartedly endorse and support Zion Healing Centre in their restructured and expanded focus on healing and deliverance ministries in Asia. 

From their base in Singapore, they are committed to equip and resource Churches and Ministry leaders in this much needed area of bring total healing to the wounded warriors in God’s Kingdom. They are making an amazing impact both locally and globally.  

This is a ministry I fully recommend to you!

Rev Dr Naomi Dowdy, Founder, Chancellor TCA Collage, Former Senior Pastor, consultant, trainer