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Dr. Elaine Chan: "...This did not entirely dispel the fears that were instilled in my mind till I had full deliverance and healing through Zion Healing Centre of prayer counseling in 2009...

Mr. Gan Chong Min: "...I then realized how powerful this ministry of Inner Healing and Deliverance was! This divine experience helped me understand the wounds and trauma I had suffered in my youth, giving me compassion and love towards Mum and others that I had found difficult to forgive. It was as if I had put on a new pair of lenses that helped me see through the human brokenness..."


Keys to Restoring Lives 'A' School

“This School has been the tool God has used to get me close to Him. My life has been transformed by the power, truth and the presence of God that is manifested in every class and ministry time of the School. I truly believe, these teachings were born from the very heart of God because they have drawn me back to His presence.” 


Keys to Restoring Lives 'B' School:

“When I came for the Modular 'B' course, I was feeling stressed from work demands and changes at the workplace.  The modules on Stress and Anxiety, Setting Boundaries and Ungodly Leadership were especially helpful for me.  The knowledge I received created greater self-awareness in me and helped me cope better.” 

“I had felt burdened to serve in the Healing and Deliverance Ministry.  I am involved in the ministry of meeting the needs of women in my church.  So finding out about this place and attending the courses here was timely for me.” 

“I thank God for the timeliness of the Modular 'B' Course.  I was going through grief over painful church relationships and the module on Relationships and Spiritual Authority brought to me useful insights and the Lord’s comfort.  The module on Fear/Depression also helped me journey with someone who was receiving treatment for her mental illness.” 


Keys to Restoring Marriage & Family:

"Attending the marriage seminar was a wonderful experience. We were reminded of the basic principles of marriage and the importance of unity between a man and his wife. Especially the importance of leaving and cleaving which was a big issue in my marriage. The deliverance sessions gave us an opportunity to look back on past wrongs and to truly repent before God as a way of rededicating our marriage relationship and rebuilding our relationship with God. The experience really helped me and my husband and to reconnect and forgive each other of our past wrongs in order to begin afresh. The team were very committed, attentive and helpful. I would recommend this training course to anyone who wants to recommit and reconnect in their marriage relationship."